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Middle School Program

The ultimate goal of a Montessori education is to gain independence. Our Middle schoolers are expected to take ownership over their education by being able to pursue deep and meaningful projects to completion. For example, in the humanities, the students have to write and perform their own play every year. They also have to complete capstone projects every year, which are like TED talks they have to give on an area of personal interest. We've had middle school students: program their own robots, start their own charities, direct their own films, record their own music, and explore many other areas of interests.

Advanced Work

Our middle school curriculum spans high school and sometimes college-level material. In math, our curriculum extends into trigonometry, statistics, and even calculus. In science, we want our students to graduate 8th grade having been exposed to the majority of topics that will get in high school. We teach physics, chemistry, and microbiology. In the humanities, our middle school students regularly read classic such as: The Iliad, Don Quixote, or Dante's Inferno. Our school is staffed with teachers who have doctorates in the sciences and humanities that can teach at the highest level.

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