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Toddler: 15 months to 23 months

Toddlers have a strong need for a loving but ordered environment that provides for both individual and group activities. Training in practical life skills allows them to bring their accomplishments back into the home. They also have opportunities to enjoy social interactions that allow them to look beyond themselves and to start to develop friendships.

Toddler: 2 years old

In our classroom for 2 years olds, children begin to be able to do more complex multi-step work. This prepares them for our preschool class. They learn a basic sense of quantity and number. They do simple research into animals. They do many sensory and motor materials which focus on identifying and continuing patterns. The continuity in the materials in a Montessori school, which progress and build on one another across different programs, is a major advantage when these children transition into preschool.

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