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Guided Discovery-Based Learning

Montessori education is a form of guided discovery-based learning. This type of education incorporates the necessary elements of a traditional education along with a method based on personal discovery. The curriculum has a structured progression, however the students are free to branch out and explore as they proceed along a given path. The teacher is there to encourage each student's curiosity, while making sure they have mastered the core material. More time is spent on mentoring and giving one-on-one help then on lectures. The goal of every teacher is to get the child to love learning and to be an active participant in their own personal growth.

At our school, we have taken the time to make our own proprietary materials and lessons plans. We constantly experiment with improving the curriculum to make sure we are at the cutting edge of education. We have a Curriculum Director who works full-time on improving the course work. We try to create a fusion of the best of what progressive education has to offer with the core Montessori curriculum.

Educational Play

The developmental benefits of open-ended play is one of the most exciting findings in recent research. Researchers are finding that play provides a natural way for children to experiment, problem solve, and be creative. We have tried to incorporate elements of play in our curriculum that allow our students to have fun and learn at the same time. For example, the students can play a story game where they have to make a story out of randomly selected materials from a box. They can role-play as doctor or patient in a doctor game. To make history more engaging, the students can pretend to be Athenians or Spartans in a Greek society. We also like to use the latest technology. The students in our Upper Elementary have a 3D printer, which they can use to make their own materials. They also have a programmable robot, which is used to make problem solving challenges more fun.

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